Questions to Expect From Your PPC Manager

It pays to have a solid idea of what your goals and strategies are before you approach a PPC manager to handle your AdWords campaign. When you meet with a potential manager, they’ll want to know about your goals, you company, your demographics, etc. Knowing the answers to those questions in advance will make it easier on all involved.

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Why is starting with a budget recommended when looking into a new marketing medium? It is pretty simple, new media such as social media and mobile marketing are both more effective long-term.

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On Twitter you are known by your handle, think of it as your profile name.

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Marketing Supplier Price Guide

Here’s a snapshot of a few products and services you can consider when setting up a Google Adwords campaign

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How’s Your AdWords campaign Performing?

This company will grade your AdWords campaign, for free.

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Google AdWords Products & Services to Consider

Seeking professional help for your Google AdWords campaign is worth considering. Here’s a short list of products & services in our smart marketing directory.

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Budgeting for Online Marketing and PPC

Determining the right AdWords budget for PPC

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Don’t Make These AdWords Mistakes

Sometimes its even more instructive to learn what not to do.

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    Need a one-time contractor to do a job at hand, like writing copy for your e-mail newsletter?

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    This February 2014 study & infographic on Small Biz use of e-mail comes from the UK

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    Danny Wong of Blank Label Group has found 5 Small Biz that knocked it out of the Youtube ballpark – homerun videos that became viral sensations, earning their Small Biz creators, fans, followers & customers!  From the hysterical Blendtec “Will it blend?” series to teen-sensation Shoes of Prey, gain the confidence & inspiration you need […]

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