Secure Your Biz or Pay the PriceContributed by bizhive

Cyber criminals assume your Small Biz is unprotected & an easy target for theft – is it?

What’s more important to your Small Biz: the new devices on which your business has come to depend, or the vast amounts of data that’s on them?  A cyber threat to your Small Biz can attack it’s very foundation like an electrical fire, burning through your customer information, proprietary company product specs, or other critical functionality.

Consider these key questions in assessing your Small Biz’ vulnerability:

#1 – Is your team trained to think cyber security?

Many cyber security breaches happen unintentionally by well-meaning employees. From a click on a phishing e-mail to a password scribbled on a post-it note to a wayward thumb-drive left at a coffee shop, your team needs to know the basics of keeping their work secure.

#2 – Do you actively control & manage who has access to your company’s cyber presence?

Don’t leave your cyber security to chance, or assume that it will take care of itself.  Manage your Small Biz cyber privileges actively – from e-mail access to passcodes, especially for new or recently terminated employees.

#3 – Are you proactive in keeping up with your software updates?

Most software now undergoes frequent updates.  It’s not the sign of an application filled with bugs – it’s the sign that your software provider is staying absolutely current on cyber threats and responding frequently to them.  So hit that “Accept” button and download that latest version!

#4 – Are you backing up?

Almost as important as turning the lights off before you go home – backing up your company’s data is an everyday – sometimes twice a day – habit.  And don’t just keep a single backup: create one on-site & one off-site copy for safekeeping. Migrate to the Cloud and save yourself the effort.

#5 – Have you secured your network?

A secure network begins with a properly installed & configured firewall that protects your Small Biz from the outside cyber world.  Keep non-authorized users from gaining entry & access by using strong passwords & encryption, and consider content-filtering software to prevent your team from visiting malicious sites.

#6 – Do you erase data on old hard-drives?

It sounds obvious, but never send an old computer, hard-drive or USB drive out the door without erasing all of its data first.  And we mean really erase.  Providers that use National Institute of Standards & Technology best practices to clean your old hardware’s data are your best option – don’t do it yourself!

#7 – Do you shred?

Shredding what lives on paper is one of the best ways to secure your Small Biz cyber-presence.  Whether it’s a simple shred-as-you-go device at your desk or bundled off-site shredding for big volume jobs, you’ll be rid of the risk of paper.


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