We’re Big on Small Biz.

We’re a Small Biz. There. We’ve said it.
We don’t think there is anything small about our Small Biz.

Every dollar we spend is big bucks.
Every customer we win is a big deal.
We have big respect for our fellow Small Biz,
and it drives our commitment to big change.

The bizHive Manifesto

We’re big on Small Biz.
We know there’s nothing small about Small Biz.
We’re passionate that every Small Biz deserves BIG marketing.
Smart marketing.
But these days it’s too easy for a Small Biz to feel small, and too hard to come by smart.
Because this thing called new marketing has become a chaos of clutter.
A jungle of Sales Reps.
A tidal wave of change.
While the job of really smart marketing hasn’t changed a bit.
We believe the job of smart marketing is to win customers. Your customers.
To win their visit. To win their purchase. To win their loyalty.
We know every marketing choice faced by Small Biz boils down to 4 simple questions.
Why do it. How to do it. What to pay. Who to trust.
Whether it’s Google or Groupon or the Web Designer down the street.
We’ve built bizHive to share the smart & dispense with the dumb.
For instance, we think it’s smart to demand clear explanations from ad salespeople.
It’s dumb to accept gobbledygook as intelligence – or worse, to figure you’re too dumb to understand it.
We believe Small Biz should accept nothing less than the simple, the straight, and the authentic.
That’s our creed.
We know the why of what you do means more than the what or even the how.
It’s why you’re a smart Small Biz.
Or you wouldn’t have made it this far.